A startup based in San Francisco on women's reproductive health
(Modern Fertility)

Often women tend to remain in the dark when it comes to keeping a scale on their reproductive health. A startup based in San Francisco has worked to bridge this gap. The company aims to bring women into the circle of knowledge. Women can keep a tab on their reproductive health and subsequently make learned decisions based on it.

One of the co-founders stated that women usually are unaware of their health ongoings. Hence when the time comes for them to decide to have children, they often face a number of problems. Initially, women focus on avoiding pregnancy and then later go through all kinds of mayhem to get pregnant. It is important for the woman to understand that her body is constantly changing by the minute.

Modern fertility‘ helps her to take a test of her own and keep herself updated with her body. The startup helps in providing technical support in addition to this. It is believed to be the first ever comprehensive test for fertility which helps women to get precise data in an intelligible manner.

How is the startup doing it?

The kit is essentially finger-prick based. Tests can be done either at home or at a nearby approved laboratory. The test kits are customized based on the woman’s lifestyle choices. It includes primarily the current adopted birth control method. The Kit measures 10 different hormones. Later, experts (physicians) interpret the results and devise a report. The customer receives the reviewed reports on hormone levels and many more.

(Modern Fertility)

Every customer gets a detailed ‘Fertility Report’. The report presents the fertility profile containing the results of the test. The tests for hormones gives an idea about:

  • Ovulation patterns
  • determine the best IVF treatment
  • Number of eggs
  • Menopause onset
  • Any other red flag to reproductive health
  • General overall health
(Modern Fertility) The test kit measures different reproductive health-related hormones.

The technical setup provides support at any moment or about anything the woman wants to know. The report ultimately includes a ‘FEMI- Fertility Measurement Index’ which gives a precise number that helps in keeping a scale. Moreover, the test is available at $199 which more than half the price of available traditional testing procedures. Ultimately the goal is to keep a woman proactive when it comes to her own reproductive health.

Ruchita Rekapally