Scribit robot turns your wall into a real-time canvas for art or scribbling

Scribit, a wall hanging robot that turns any vertical surface into a canvas for your imagination. You can make it draw anything using your smartphone. Select an illustration, design or just create your own and get it up on your wall in few minutes. The best part of all, you can erase it and start all over again.

The bot attached to the strings and nails on the wall comes in 4 default primary colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black. It includes an eraser in the back which helps redo every mark or design made. The creators say, that it works best on plaster, glass and whiteboard surfaces. All it needs is a command from the Scribit App. It can also draw text on the surface via the app. You can also upload the file and make Scribit draw it on the wall. The app shows the time that it will take to reproduce the design on the wall. This way you can customize your wall with that design you always had in the back of your mind. The LED light on the device constantly shows the status of the device, whether it is drawing or getting signals.

All Scribit needs:
  • Vertical surface
  • Fixed nails on walls for hanging the wire
  • Power source socket
  • Wi-fi connection
  • Smartphone/Tablet/PC

It works with 4 colors interchangeably, to make the design more artsy and interactive. The product comes with 24 default colors. The Scribit App contains content for drawing such as arts, illustrations, designs from Web. Or you can make one on your own.

Make a business plan with simultaneous ideas. Or go ahead with those quotes on the wall and change them every day. Or just draw for leisure. It is a fabulous real-time illustration technique which is totally controlled and fun. So make that bold move of putting your grocery list on the wall and erase it later.

It is expected to reach its customers in December 2018. Prices wary day-by-day, so get one for yourself from here.