Samsung phones sending photos to contacts randomly

Samsung users are complaining of a major technical glitch that sends photos and texts unknowingly. The default messaging app has been reportedly sending scheduled texts and photos while the owner is inactive on phone.

As per the sources, the photos from the camera roll are being sent without the user’s permission. Moreover, the action leaves no trace for the user to find out about this activity. The only way of knowing is when the recipient informs or alerts about the photos being sent.

The affected Samsung devices are Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Note 8. It is not sure if this anomaly is only limiting to the above models. There were speculations about this irregularity with the T-Mobile users. However, T-Mobile has refused any such speculations and has stated that the problem is with Samsung alone. Other users say this could be due to the RCS (Rich Communication Service) push by the company. RCS was to change the messaging platform into an interactive chat-like station. But the RCS update backed by Android is only available on Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

This glitch has caused major embarrassment to a lot of users. A user reports that without his consent, the phone sent his photos from camera roll to his girlfriend. He only got to know about it when the recipient contacted him about the photos.

The phone company has acknowledged the situation and is looking into it for a solution. Meanwhile, users can disable their default messaging app and user alternatives such as Google messages or Whatsapp or any other messaging app. Or change the settings of the Messaging app access to the photo storage, Settings -> Apps -> Permissions. If the problem persists, the company has encouraged the users to immediately contact on 1-800-SAMSUNG when in need.