Adidas and Parley for recycled plastic shoes

Adidas collaborated with Parley to make shoes made of plastic from the ocean. The company has promised to switch to using recycled plastic in its shoes and clothing lines.  It intends to collect plastic from the ocean and recycle them for their products. Hence, Adidas is ready to transform into a recycled plastic user starting this year.

The company is currently planning the transformation by ensuring that it will not affect their profit margins. By 2024, the company is planning to bring it to a fully operational level. The costs of production and the amount of research going into it need attention. As the plastic needs recycling for the process. There are different types of plastic everywhere, each needing its own recycling process. Hence the shoes are a bit pricey than the normal ones. In any case, if the company is able to achieve its economies of scale, the price could be much more welcoming to all.

Almost every sports garment such as jerseys, sports bras, shorts are made of polyester combined with cotton. Since polyester is lightweight and has quick-drying nature, it becomes one of the best sports outfits. However, polyester has several harmful implications for human health. Moreover, instead of processing fresh polyester, the abundant availability of plastics can be useful.

It has already vowed to cut virgin plastic use in its day-to-day operations such as in offices, distribution centers, retail outlets, and warehouses. This change from using virgin plastic to recycled plastic can save approximately 40 tonnes of plastic per year.

Many companies have picked up the notion of keeping the environment in mind in their business operations. Companies such as Starbucks removing plastic straws for good, Lego to make toys from sustainable plant-based plastic.