Come August you will not be able to review all those shows and movies you will watch on Netflix. The desktop-only feature for reviews will go away from the website by July 30th. The existing reviews on TV shows and movies will remain till mid of August.

The company states how the feature was not in use for long. The application version does not have the section for viewing the reviews. But, it continues to have a more simplified option for a ‘thumbs up’ or a ‘thumbs down’. As per the speculations, the thumbs button feature feeds the algorithm that helps in recommendations.

Earlier, there was a 5-star rating system for an elaborate display of like or dislike. Since last year, the simple thumb system was set up in its place. Subscribers have been upset with the new system calling it ‘dumb‘.  Also, the website also has in baby steps, made the reviewing procedure more difficult. Hence, annoying the users by not giving an opportunity to express.

netflix removing reviews section by August

It seems like the Thumb system is going to stay in order for the viewing recommendation system. There have been speculations on the actual reason for removing the review content. With the surge of numerous Netflix Originals, the negative reviews could ruin the works. However, the streaming company did not comment on any such speculation.

The removal of reviews section could be a major turn down because people instantly look for them before watching anything. But there are already many platforms where users can find them. The use of extreme views and ‘colorful words’ can influence a viewer which may not vouch for uninfluenced decision. Google and social media websites are most elaborative for making an informed decision for a viewer. Therefore, removing the reviews section on Netflix may not be a bad move at all.

Moreover, the streaming service company has to gear up for the competition by YouTube Premium with its own YouTube Original content. So Netflix has to keep their stand and workings as hard as possible without losing their dear subscribers.