Gone are the days when the teachings and discussions are done on a traditional whiteboard. Technology is pushing every aspect to modernize the creative thinking. Microsoft’s Whiteboard is another platform to enable collaborative thinking for the users in a classroom, meeting or any other discussion.

Microsoft whiteboard for collaborative doodling

With the help of a surface pen, the whiteboard discussion is more engaging and simplified. You can use the application on any device. The tool has a special recognition system that helps in making smooth shapes and lines. Also, you can use a mouse or a finger for the touchscreens.


The most intriguing feature of the App is that it helps more than one user at a time to doodle on their own devices. The app allows the screen sharing for collaborative editing and doodling. An invite needs to be sent via a link, the real-time exchange of ideas can be carried out. Users can make process flows, creating tables, presentations. Moreover, you can add sticky notes, draw, paste text or pull-out images from web or gallery. This could be a huge gift to all those creative product design discussions.

In order to the app to function, one needs to have an Office 365 account. It is expected to be doled out in iOS devices soon. You can download the app from the Microsoft store. Inviting technological advances into the workplace can prove to be very enriching. Devices like Scribit robot that draws on the wall with the erasable ink and software such as the Microsoft whiteboard could be very useful. So now make your notes and designs as colorful and interactive as possible and share them with people. Invite ideas and suggestion and make the best out of the meeting.