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Under the Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP), the Indian government has planned to migrate all the records digitally. In a move to digitize the records and fight against fraud, the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is exploring blockchain technology to ensure authenticity.

Andhra Pradesh accounts to 60% of India’s digital transactions, that are based on the Indian government’s authentication system UIDAI/Aadhaar. The state extensively uses technology to ensure easy access and transparency of processes and records while delivering the services.

As a first, the government will use blockchain technology to add a higher level of security to digital property records. The purpose of this movement is to ensure that the State maintains inviolable records. Especially when agricultural land records of approximately 10,000 villages are updated prior to the implementation of the input subsidy scheme.

Using blockchain is a part of the government’s initiative to check fraudulent transactions by dynamically updating records when a transaction executes. In the past there have been many cases of data tampering. The decision came as a result of a report which states that 20 % of land records in villages across Andhra Pradesh are erroneous. Also, in a pilot exercise by the state revenue department to curb corruption, it is estimated that $ 700 million is paid in the form of bribes to land registrars across India. Moreover, one of the government officials informed that majority of land disputes end up in court. These disputes account to about two-thirds of all civil cases in the country.


For the implementation of blockchain the government has partnered with a Swedish firm ChromaWay. ChromaWay has already successfully piloted a blockchain project in Sweden for buying and selling real estate. The real challenge for the firm is to integrate the decades old land registry procedures with the new blockchain technology.

Successful implementation will add the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh as one of the early adopters of blockchain in governance. Also, this will establish a corruption free procedure to register land and deliver necessary aids to farmers for agricultural land.