FarmBot Genesis is an automatic farming equipment that is run by an internet-based web application. The technology is based on Cartesian coordinates for the robot to identify and locate the crop. It is a precision farming project which tends to the need of growing crops smartly. The company allows the users to get access to its software, coding, hardware and any other modifications.

farming on application

The robot can plant more than 30 different types of crops which include, peas, potato, squash, etc. Moreover, it allows you to grow different types of crops in the same area. The user can graphically design and designate the location of a particular crop on the application, and the robot takes care of the rest. It will perform activities that are prior to harvesting that is, sowing, weed suppressing, watering and soil profiling. The equipment needs electricity, internet and solar panel for functioning.

It takes data from the age of the plant and the weather conditions and automatically adjusts the cropping technique. Finally, it sends an email to the user that the crop is ready for harvest. FarmBot Genesis XL is by far the largest farming bot by the company. It covers almost an area of 2.9m X 1.4m and a plant height of 0.5m.

Future of Farming practices

FarmBot revolutionizes the farming techniques and orients towards the important concerns. With robot-controlled mechanism, the crop production is fully precise. It maintains judicious consumption of water supply, extends growing seasons of the crops by maintaining the environment. Also, the equipment keeps a check on the soil, therefore does not over exhaust the soil. It tends to the specific nutritional need of crops. FamBot promotes open learning and application. Therefore, anybody can access designs and software and create their own equipment for farming. Now you can grow vegetables for you and your community in your backyard.