Cemtrex’s SmartDesk transforms the workstation into an organised tech gizmo

Cemtrex workstation

A workstation is a zone where every individual concentrates and gets things done. Desk computers and their adjunct devices like scanners and mobile chargers, take up space. Hence, making the place cluttered. Cemtrex has brought a workstation that is simplified and stylish. Moreover, it puts the comfort of the user first.

The first system that allows the stand/sit posture for working. It also takes out the old school single-screened display which more than often tires out the user. Cemtrex smart-desk is a workstation that has 3 monitors attached to one another for a wide view. Also, the desk is a scanner itself. Yes, you don’t need to attach a scanner. So, all you need to do is place the document on the table and with a touch on the screen, it is scanned.

SmartDesk Workstation specifications:

  • 72 inches (total) display, with IPS touchscreen
  • Proprietary touch gesture system, to flip through the documents/windows with a wave of a hand.
  • Integrated keyboard and trackpad within the desk.
  • Windows PC, 8th Generation Intel heart i7 processor
  • Total 5 USB ports (3.1 type A,C and 2.0)
  • Desk surface as a¬†scanner
  • Wireless charger for phones integrated into the desk
  • Earbuds for taking or making calls

Your workstation becomes the ultimate center for everything. You can make calls from ear pods that come in a slide out drawer in the desk. The desk has a keyboard and a touchpad.


Cemtrex’s SmartDesk workstation approaches to the needs of the people. It transforms the work culture into a hassle-free¬†activity. The three monitor system allows the user to multi-task efficiently. The gesture is definitely helpful when you are standing and working. The set-up costs around $3,999 which can be too extravagant. But, a system like this could be a smart choice for all those workaholics who work round the clock with designs and multi-task.