Self- driving car safety

With the surge in autonomous vehicles, there is also a question of reliability. No matter how fail-safe is the designed system, it may not be as reliable as a human instinct. While driving, a human driver will somehow always factor in the weather conditions, and adjust accordingly. Hence, when it comes to car safety in autonomous cars, there is a huge lag. Bosch and a Finnish company, Foreca are working to bridge this gap.

Bosch has introduced technology that predicts the road conditions based on the weather data/patterns provided by Foreca. This will allow the autonomous cars to adjust and readjust, the semi-autonomous ones will notify the driver 6 miles ahead of the problem. Therefore, the car will hand over the controls to the driver and will allow the driver to tackle it with human just. The fully automated cars can simply use the mechanisms for such conditions such as anti-skid for wet roads. So your vehicle will prepare itself to react before a hazard crops up.


This technology takes different weather forecasts and use the data and drive accordingly. The weather information is fully based on Foreca’s cloud data and their accuracy. This predictive technology is to come out in 2020. However, the company did not reveal the cars it will be working with. Moreover, this technology is also to be used for intercommunication among the cars. Cars in the defined vicinity will send information to others. So, let’s say, a car found out that the road is full of ice ahead, that information will be passed on to others. Moreover, the company cloud intends to keep the data that comes from cars, the activation of anti-skid, the temperature outside and inside of the vehicle.

Cloud data for car safety

Seems like the entire system is based on the cloud-based weather data. This can question the reliability and the smart decisions taken by the vehicle itself. There have been incidents in the past that includes mishaps by the autonomous cars. The 2016 Tesla Autonomous Car crash was entirely a misreading by the car. Hence, it is advisable for the driver to be alert even if the vehicle is doing the work for him. Because a fully automated system cannot ensure the desired car safety.