AutoX driverless grocery car

Brands and Retailers are going an extra mile to ensure the comfort of their consumers. Especially in the case of grocery shopping, which is the hottest market in the US right now. Technology companies like AutoX have come up with unique solutions to interact with the consumers to the last mile. San Jose, California, has become the first city to experience the comfort of self-driving grocery delivery service at their doorstep by the Silicon Valley-based startup.

As per the concept, these temperature-controlled driverless cars will deliver groceries to the consumer at their doorstep. The service will enable consumers to order groceries from the app and get it delivered or select them personally by hailing the car to their location.

Enabled with a temperature-controlled environment, the cars will also keep other consumables like fresh juices and yogurt for unplanned purchases. This will deliver to the consumer an experience which is similar to buying things last minute from the checkout lane.

The future of online or Omnichannel retail is very attractive. According to a recent study, in less than a decade in the US, 70% of the population will buy their groceries online. This figure is more intense in case of the 30-45 age group, who want their groceries conveniently, fresh and healthful. While big players like Amazon are dominating the online retail space. On the other hand, conventional brick-and-mortar retailers like Walmart are betting high on their omnichannel initiatives. With the consumer getting used to the virtual way of buying groceries, initiatives like AutoX may have a bright future.

Self-Driving Hurdles

Despite the familiarity, when it comes to buying groceries, a good percentage of consumers prefer to select their groceries on their own. This shows a level of discomfort on the consumer’s part in case of buying groceries online. AutoX provides a solution to this, by providing the facility to select and pick groceries at the comfort of the doorstep.

It is quite clear that driverless grocery vehicles can bring in a new chapter in the field of grocery retail. Soon, we can also expect the big players to step in, if it proves that it can create a difference. Also, the creating and large-scale execution of a value-added idea are two different things. It will be interesting to see how the merger of two disruptive innovations, Online Retail, and driverless vehicles, will evolve the future of supermarkets. Not forgetting to take into consideration the time it might take to hit the mainstream.

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Anmol Sharma