Tech companies have been making their phones more and more intelligent and smart. No doubt the smartphones have become smarter than us. Every year, they get sleeker, stylish and wide. Greater screen-to-body ratio phones are the demand of the day. But they are becoming more prone to physical damages. Devices are water-proof, shock-proof but however not ‘fall-proof’. Companies have incorporated substances like gorilla glass, scratch proof glass to protect phone from any damage. But a well-impacted drop cannot save the phone from its fate. That is shattered screen and bruised body.

the case protect phone from damage

A German engineering student has made a phone case that completely defends the phone from any damage. Philip Frenzel made the sensors that identify the free-fall state and combined it to the phone case. With the help of ‘Mechatronics’, the airbag concept is more like spider legs coming out of the case. The case immediately releases the metal prongs while in fall and completely saves the phone from the damage. ADcase, where AD is Active Damping is totally reusable. The case is ready to go for after pushing the dampers manually inside after the fall.

This simple case can not only protect phone but also your expenses on covering the damages. So bid farewell to the expensive screen repairs. All those dents, bruises and scratches on the aluminum body of the phone can be a thing of past. Now you can be totally worry-free with your expensive phone. So go ahead, drop your phone without having a minor heart attack.

The case:

  • is reusable.
  • gives 360-degree protection.
  • prevents money expenditure on screen or other parts repairs
  • have wireless charging
  • comes with a USB cable

It will be available for phone models, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8+, iPhone 7/7+, iPhone 6s/6s+ and iPhone 6/6+. ADcase is patented and is expected to launch in July 2018 with the Kickstarter funding.