Google at its annual developer conference I/O 2018, San Francisco, has announced many upgradations that are going to be huge this year. Company emphasised more on incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into the present technology, with the aim of introducing its users to the new-age innovations. Seems like Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, envisions that the technology and the lives of people must work hand-in-hand.

This was another attempt by Google probably to usher the Android developers and the users into a new people-friendly technology.

1. Google Assistant Voices with Artificial Intelligence

This year, Google has revolutionised the assistant voice and its capabilities. There are 6 life-like voices to choose from and a “John Legend” voice in the year end for the users. Imagine asking a John Legend’s voice to play a John Legend’s song. The company also enhanced the voices to a more human-like with accent and meaningful pauses. Rather than the tiresome ‘Hey Google’ before every command, you can address it once and have a conversation. It could be the much awaited update for the users.

2. Have the Virtual Assistant make calls for you

Now, Google Assistant will make calls and fix appointments for you by leaving a gentle notification of confirmation. It has been tested to make calls for you and tackle the complex human conversation. This new feature with Artificial Intelligence could revolutionise the smartphone industry.

3. Android P beta

The new OS has some revolutionary revamps to the prior ones. Android P is:

  • Intelligent
  • Easy Interfaced
  • Digital Wellbeing enabled

With tons of refurbishments, the entire interface is more Artificial Intelligence enabled, which is more user-friendly and smart for the users.

4. ‘Shush’ your phone and take a break!

With Digital Wellbeing, Google has provoked an awakening about how the amount of time spent on phones have deterred an average person’s quality of life. Experiences speak of people ‘phasing out’ of the conversation while using the phone or simply not be attentive to the surroundings. So now the user can keep a track on the number of times the device has been unlocked. It also keeps a check on time spent on apps and the ‘shush’ feature.

5. Compose mail effortlessly

Gmail has new feature which can type complete sentences for you based on the subject entered, recipient or the drafted mail so far. This feature therefore has given “auto-complete” a new definition that could allow its users spend less time on drafting the mail.

6. Lenovo’s Google Smart Display

The Smart Display enhanced with the new Google virtual assistant is a superior competitor to the Amazon Echo Show launched in 2017. You can ask it to show live videos from YouTube and the assistant will directly take you to the video. It is confirmed to launch in July this year.

7. New Google Maps with AR

Google Maps has the Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence for the ease of directions

Just like PokemonGo, Google maps is also getting the ‘Augmented Reality’ rub. All you need to do is point your phone in the direction while walking and Google Maps will help you with the rest. This can probably help people with the directions who are new to the city. The app will feature a “For You” tab. It will show directions to your favourite cuisine restaurants or if your favourite restaurant has a new update or outlet.

8. Google Photos helps you edit, share and make PDF

Artificial Intelligence will recognise the person in the photo therefore, will ask you if you want to share with them. Google Photos will detect if the photo needs brightening. There is also an option of converting an old black&white picture into a coloured one. Most of all, you can click a picture of a document and it will convert it into a PDF.

9. Google News gives Full Coverage

The app will report from reliable sources from all over world. Most importantly, there will be similar content for users to read. The option of ‘full-coverage’ will extract the articles having similar content from around the globe and show it to you. As a result, this feature responds to much-needed ‘responsible reporting’.

10. Google Lens will read and recognise objects

google lens artificial intelligence

Camera will recognise the object and will give options and details on the e-commerce stores for the consumers. Most of all, the camera can read any text and allow you to copy and make a note of it.